At Contour Engineering we are in pursuit of manufacturing quality products and components “On Time, Every Time”. Most of our clients are in the high innovation, high tech industries where quality is not negotiable. The other factor in this pusuit is speed, where a client’s (and therefore manufacturer’s) speed to market is often everything.

Of course, it is quite easy to achieve one of these at a time, and in fact achieving both at the same time is almost impossible. This is however, what our customers require of us all day, every day. There is no room for compromise and error in a lot of the industries we supply to, like the aerospace and medical industries. Getting it wrong can be expensive.

In a regular catch-up and review session with a client recently we asked: What do we need to improve on? This started a discussion around how we managed to deliver On Time with Zero Defects to date. In the field of precision engineering and hi-tech manufacturing, there are many out there that are easily able to say the words, ‘on time with zero defects’, but fewer follow through. Those that don’t deliver on this promise are quickly found out.


The Pursuit for On Time and Zero Defects

The reality is that we do not always get this right, but we aim to and are continuously reviewing our manufacturing systems and processes to ensure continuous improvement. The biggest differentiator we believe we have is our people and the relentless drive we have day in day out, job after job to make sure we deliver quality products on time. We’ve experienced success in many different fields that has enabled our clients to do amazing things like save lives and even travel to space, and helping with these projects drives us every day.

If you want to work with engineers who produce results on time with zero defects, contact us today.