Contour Engineering’s ISO 9001 certification gives you confidence that their claim—on time, zero defects – is true. Quality products, every time, on time.

What is an ISO 9001 certification?

The ISO 9001 is the independently assessed international standard that lists requirements for an effective quality management system. Businesses that have this certification show that they produce a consistent product or service that meets not only the customer’s requirements but also all regulatory requirements.

In particular, it requires that the business has:

  • An effective quality management system that is well documented
  • Management that clearly explains key principles of customer commitment and quality objectives to staff
  • Resources that are used responsibly, with competent and well-trained staff
  • A product planning system which encompasses design, development, creation and supply with a focus on customer requirements
  • A measurement and analysis system with a constant drive for improvement.

It is a process-based standard, so when the process is followed, the end product meets all guidelines and quality expectations.

Why is ISO 9001 important to our customers?

Complying to ISO 9001 standards is not easy. It takes a lot of work to get to the standard required, and then consistency is required in order to maintain it. For this certification to be awarded, the company has shown a total dedication towards quality control systems.

Some of our customers require that all their suppliers are ISO 9001 compliant, as they know the certification guarantees a quality product, every single time. This helps them to reach their goals and deadlines too.

Customers appreciate the ISO 9001 standard as it means that they have confidence that Contour meets the standards required. There is confidence in the process, the outcome and the end product. Customers also know that the constant refinements and improvements in Contour’s systems mean that there are more cost efficiencies, a close to 0% error/ return rate, and products are delivered on time.

What challenges did Contour face reaching ISO 9001 standards?

Within the strict guidelines and standards that ISO 9001 sets out, it can be difficult to implement requirements consistently. Especially where staff are involved, as individuals can have different expectations that may not be up to the certification’s standards.

However, implementation of strict procedures tracked the product through the system which allowed management to see where problems were occurring. When errors were found, the accountability of filling out a non-conformance form meant that the rate of errors swiftly dropped. Staff learned to take responsibility for their stage in the process, which has resulted in high levels of compliance.

Direct outcomes of ISO 9001 certifications

While the process is about establishing systems, within that there are a number of measurable outcomes.

There is less wastage of resources. This includes both the raw product and also of staff time. As processes are streamlined and made more efficient, there is less waste of plastic, metal and the carbon fibre that is used in the manufacturing process. Similarly, staff have created more efficient processes that mean there is no wasted time.

This means that there are fewer overheads, which results in a more cost-efficient product. Less time wasted means the product is produced faster.

The constant striving for efficiencies means that staff are empowered to make positive changes to their product and the work environment. They are encouraged to adopt better practices and suggest changes to management. This not only improves the process but makes employees happier, making the workplace more productive and positive.

Customers are happier. This in itself is a great outcome, but it also means that no customer has ever left Contour to go to the competition. When you’re getting the very best, why would you go elsewhere? For customers, this means that you don’t waste time hunting new suppliers or switching from one to another. The consistency and quality of the product mean that customer and supplier grow together. If your company is growing, then so is ours, so we at Contour will do all we can to support that.

Because the certification must be renewed yearly, customers know the level of service and quality won’t drop. It’s only going to get better.

Ongoing growth and optimisation

Every year, Contour is audited by Telrac. They are independent contractors who check that all processes are being followed and strict guidelines are being met. This places Contour very well moving into the future, with a demanding focus on quality and an expectation of constant improvement.

This dedication to perfection means their customers get a number of benefits:

  • A high-quality product every time, with minimal or no returns/ flaws
  • On time deliveries, every time
  • These guarantees mean that Contour’s internal systems are better and their end product is far superior
  • Over time as processes are refined, the entire product design and the system is refined, resulting in cost and efficiency savings.

An ISO 9001 certification basically means that Contour cares about their customer satisfaction, and is constantly pushing to be better than themselves. Staff are happy, Telrac is happy, and most importantly, the customers are happy.